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On the banks of the Rio Paraná, the Terra Casa Náutica is located in the São Paulo state, at Presidente Epitácio city. It’s about a “summer house” style destiny and has a 26246 SqFt amid nature, with options for leisure activities and acquatic adventures. With a privileged localization, just 5 minutes away from the airport.

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This is a destination in the "summer house" model. Exclusively for groups of up to 24 people, with no food preparation service and nautical services included, such as boat tours and jet ski rides. Cleaning and tidying of the space are included before the stay. The cottages are not available for individual rental; renting the entire space is required.

  • 2 houses + 2 suites
  • Air conditioner and TV
  • Bathroom with heating system
  • Hot tub
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On site it is possible to guarantee the fun with na exclusive area for table games and board games. Added to that, the principal area has a pool with grill, space for games amid the nature like volleyball, soccer and badminton. With access to hammocks and tree houses for children, all the surroundings brings much peace and refreshment for those who search to disconnect from the daily routine.
We don’t have included nautical services, like speedboat ride and jet-ski

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Hélio Serejo Bridge

Touristic Pier

Orla Fluvial

Balneário Figueiral


The location is integrated with Rio Paraná, providing exclusive access for aquatic activities. Awarded for having the most beautiful sunset in Brazil, the municipality offers the country's best view of the setting sun. Additionally, the city boasts various tourist attractions, such as Prainha, Orla Fluvial, Parque Figueiral, Casa do Artesão, Rio Caiuazinho, Ponte Hélio Serejo, Corrego Veado, Colônia Árpad Falva, and Igreja Matriz.


Terra Casa Náutica is located at Avenida Marginal, 4850, Presidente Epitácio, 5 minutes away from the city’s airport.

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6VJ3+Q5 Pres. Epitácio, SP